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Deluxe Loft Apartment

Specifics of the apartment

There are 4-double beds with 2-extra beds on 92 square meters, making the Deluxe Loft the best choice for a larger group of people. Upon entering through a large terrace, which will suit you for evening relaxation after a day of activities, you will come to a spacious living room.

The apartment, like the rest of the resort, is decorated in the Scandinavian style, which by combining minimalism, a small range of colors, and natural materials creates a large space with clean lines, radiating a feeling of peace and order. In addition, the flickering firelight from the fireplace will create an unforgettable home mood. There is nothing better than a combination of wood, pleasant heat from the fireplace, and good company.

Capacity and equipment

Duplex apartment
2 separate bedrooms, 1 open loft room, and living room
8 fixed beds and 2 extra beds
Fully equipped kitchen
2 bathrooms (1 bath, 1 shower)
Large terrace overlooking the resort
Cable TV and telephone
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