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Extra activities

Extra activities
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Extra activities

Looking for something extra? Try more activities and services!

During your stay with us, you have a lot of free attractions for children and adults. However, if the experience included in the price of your stay is not enough for you, try the additional services:

  • Original Thai massages and luxurious procedures
  • Climbing wall with professional technology
  • Bungee trampolines, aqua zorbing
  • SMILE electric bike rental
  • Ski equipment rental, service & SKI School SMILE
  • Gastronomic experiences in the Pinus restaurant or the Indian restaurant Safran
  • Babysitting with an English lesson
  • Excursion cruise on the ship Mária
  • Water attractions on Liptovská Mara

Explore what else you can enjoy with us for an extra fee 👇