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Fun Center

Fun Center
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Fun Center

Safe fun for kids and parents

FUN Center offers attractions for the youngest as well as for adults. The highlight of the area is a unique 3D maze with multiple floors. What you may also find interesting is the mini zipline, bungee trampolines, or jump zone full of trampolines.

A novelty of this winter season is a unique ice rink ideal for skating or ice hockey matches. Sports lovers will be stunned by a bike park and climbing wall. Beginners and even professionals will be excited to try it.

Opening hours according to the SKI center

 Aquapark free

The entry to the FUN Center for each day is included in the fee for accommodation
The external/unaccommodated guests can buy the entrance ticket ONLINE.

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  • Ice rink

    Ice rink

    • a special artificial ice rink that won’t just melt
    • OPEN during the operation of the SKI Center
    • illuminated, also ideal for evening skating
    • the possibility of renting and sharpening skates
    • with dimensions of 15.5 m x 17 m
  • 3D Maze

    3D Maze

    • suitable from 3 years
    • for kids from 3 to 5 years
    • accompany by an adult person is recommended
    • safe activity protected by a safety net
    • giant maze spread across multiple levels
    • with a slide on the top of the maze
    • open all year round
  • Mini zipline

    Mini zipline

    • for kids from 5 years
    • ride on the lane for the youngest
    • without safety gear. Height max 1,5 m above the ground
    • safe speed and touchdown zone
    • it is not suitable for adults because of height
    • open all year round
  • Trampolines


    • for kids from 3 years
    • suitable also for adults up to 120 kg
    • together 6 jumping zones
    • high-quality XXL trampolines
  • Climbing wall

    Climbing wall

    • suitable from 3 years
    • for beginner and advanced climbers as well
    • consists of two parts: the boulder part and the part with safety gear
    • 4-meter wall with a safe soft touchdown zone
    • 8-meter wall with rope and self-locking devices
    • extra payment is required
  • bungee trampoliny

    Bungee Trampolines

    • for kids from 3 years
    • suitable also for adults up to 80kg
    • trampoline with supporting ropes
    • jump several meters into the air
    • adjustable resistance based on the weight
    • extra payment is required
  • Bike Park (adjustments take place)

    Bike Park (adjustments take place)

    • for adults and kids from 6 years.
    • cycling tracks in open nature
    • maintained routes stretch beyond the horizon
    • beautiful views of mountains and the whole resort
  • Bouncy castle

    Bouncy castle

    • entry from 3 years
    • bouncy castle for up to 15 kids
    • 7-meter slide
  • Pump track – in preparation

    Pump track – in preparation

    • for kids from 6 years and also for adults
    • special race track full of hills and turnst
    • for bikes, skateboards, scooters, and roller skates