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Relax your body and mind

There is nothing better than to relax in the wellness and recharge your batteries after a day of hiking or skiing. You have a choice of two Finnish, steam and infrared saunas with a cooling tub, a relaxation room and two outdoor hot tubs with amazing views. The wellness area also includes fitness , which belongs to an active and healthy style.

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MON – SUN 10:00 – 22:00
On 15.7 (Monday) the wellness will be open only from 10:00 to 20:00 due to sanitation.

Children are allowed to enter the wellness centre from 2 years of age
Children from 2 to 12 years
until 17:00 (swimsuit zone, sail in saunas without swimsuit)
Adults Only zone
after 17:00 (no-swimming zone in the whole wellness)

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Wellness price list

Kneipp bath

  • stimulating blood circulation
  • when the feet are alternately heated and cooled by water, the blood vessels dilate and the blood circulation improves.
  • stainless steel two-chamber pool is used (hot water 40-50 ° C, cold water 10-16 ° C)
  • the bottom of the chambers is formed by a structured surface, which positively irritates the reflex zones of the foot
Kneipp bath


  • room for rest and relaxation
  • relax on deck chairs in a dry sail
  • the heart rate slows down
  • body temperature has stabilized
  • metabolic balance occurs in the body
  • Children wellness

    Children wellness

    Children can come to the wellness center from the beginning of business hours till 17:00. You can go to the common areas and whirlpools in the swimsuit. Swimsuits in the saunas are prohibited, please use sheets instead of a swimsuit. Entry from 2 years old.


  • Adults only zone

    Adults only zone

    Our wellness changes to an adults-only zone after 17:00 and preserves all sauna customs for better comfort. Other than during the entrance with the children (after 17:00), there is no swimsuit zone in the wellness center.


  • Wellness & massage

    • Is wellness part of the stay?

      The way it works with the resort’s wellness centre is that for every two nights of your stay, you get a free one-time entry. So if you come for four nights, you’ll get free entry twice per stay. If you stay with us for six nights, there will be three entries. Of course, you can visit the spa as many times as you like during your stay. Once you have used up your free entries, the entrance fee is payable according to price list.

    • When is the wellness centre open?

      Current opening hours can be found here:

      Opening hours

    • What is in the wellness centre?

      You can choose between two Finnish, steam and infrared saunas with cooling fountains, a tepidarium and two outdoor whirlpools with stunning views. The wellness area also includes a children’s pool and a fitness room.


    • When can we come to the wellness centre with children?

      Access to the wellness centre for parents with children from 2 years of age is available from the beginning opening hours until 5:00 p.m.

      After 17:00, the spa is reserved for adults only to enjoy all the relaxing sauna habits. During adults-only, the spa is a float-free zone.

    • Why is the entrance to the wellness centre for children up to 2 years of age?

      The wellness area is not suitable for children under 2 years of age. Also, the water in the whirlpools is not suitable for small children – it has a higher temperature and chlorine content, which may not be pleasant for delicate children’s skin.

    • Do I need a swimsuit for the spa?

      From the beginning of opening hours until 17:00 you can come to wellness even with the babies. At this time, you can go to the common areas and hot tubs in your swimsuit. However, swimsuits are not allowed in the saunas, so please use a bathing suit without a bathing suit.

      After 17:00, our wellness area becomes an adults only area with all sauna customs observed for maximum relaxation. Outside of the entrance with children (after 17:00), a swimsuit-free zone operates throughout the wellness area.

      Upon entering the spa, each guest receives a sheet and a large towel. Guests have the possibility to rent bathrobes with a fee of 2,00€.

    • Is the spa also available for non-accommodated guests?

      Áno, naše wellness centrum môžu navštíviť aj neubytovaní návštevníci. Price list can be found here.

    • We are looking for a private spa for two. Do you also offer this option?

      If you are interested, you can pay for a special private entrance to our wellness centres regardless of the number of people. In case you are interested in a private wellness for a larger group of people, we recommend accommodation in one of the wellness chalets with private Finnish sauna and outdoor hot tub.

    • Can we also have a massage at your place?

      Of course. Relaxing, sports, chocolate, honey or authentic Thai massage. We offer more than 20 different types, from which you will surely choose.