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    • Adults
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    • KidsFrom 3 to 12 years
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    Relax your body and mind

    There is nothing better than relaxing in the wellness center, where you can recharge after an all-day hike or skiing. You can choose from Finnish, steam, or infra sauna with a cooling tub, tepidarium, and outdoor whirlpool with a stunning view. Part of the wellness is also fitness which is a substantial part of the active lifestyle.

    Opening hours

    SUN – THU 13:00 PM – 09:00 PM, FRI – SAT 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM

    Children aged 3 to 12 years
    till 5:00 PM
    Adults Only zone
    after 5:00 PM (no swimsuit zone in the wellness)

    Aquapark free

    Wellness is included in the price of accommodation.
    The right to at least 1 entry to our wellness center arises for any apartment, date or duration of stay, a higher number of entries depends on the number of nights. Simply – once you come to us, you are taken care of relaxation.

    Kneipp Walk Pool

    • Improves blood flow
    • Vein expansion and improvement of the blood flow occurs during the alternate heating and cooling of the feet with the water
    • The stainless steel pool is used. (hot water 40-50°C, cold water 10-16°C)
    • The bottom of the chamber consists of a structured surface, which positively teases reflex zones of the feet.
    Kneipp Walk Pool


    • A room dedicated to rest and relaxation.
    • Relax in the lounger in a dry sheet.
    • Slows down heart rhythm.
    • Levels body temperature.
    • Metabolic equilibrium occurs in the body.
    • Children wellness

      Children wellness

      Children can come to the wellness center from the beginning of business hours till 17:00. You can go to the common areas and whirlpools in the swimsuit. Swimsuits in the saunas are prohibited, please use sheets instead of a swimsuit. Entry from 3 years old.


    • Adults only zone

      Adults only zone

      Our wellness changes to an adults-only zone after 17:00 and preserves all sauna customs for better comfort. Other than during the entrance with the children (after 17:00), there is no swimsuit zone in the wellness center.

    • Sauna with children

      Sauna with children

      Children’s sauna with lower temperatures and accompanying activities soon