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Turbo summer with us

Turbo summer with us
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Turbo summer with us

A bunch of summer experiences under the mountains

What does the ideal summer stay in Slovakia look like to you? Are there sun, water, heat, refreshing mountain breeze, and attractions that entertain the whole family? If so, Demänova resort is the right choice for you.

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A bunch of summer experiences await you in the Demänová resort directly under the Tatras. We will not let you get bored even in case you come for a romantic couple getaway, as a family with children, or group of friends. This summer, we prepared for you a few exciting news that you can find exclusively in our resort.

Visit our resort full of attractions nearby Demänova valley!

The adults will also have fun: Attractions for everybody

Are you excited? We didn’t even mention the unique festivals that we are preparing for you! During the whole summer, you can be part of the bombastic program, and that is why no one will get bored for sure. Do not hesitate and be there with us during TURBO summer! Demänová Resort is the best friend of all families.

Attraction on Liptovská Mara

If you decide to go somewhere outside of the resort, you have plenty of options. The Slovak sea, Liptovská Mara, is not far away. Take a blanket and jump into the water. You can also decide to take a cruise, visit a kids zone, or adrenaline attractions – jet skis, water bicycles, or an inflatable banana. Try some of the attractions, and we assure you, you will not regret it.


Hiking in Slovakia

Is hiking your cup of tea – High Tatras? Do you aim for an easy hike with kids in Slovakia? In that case, we are the right choice. The most beautiful hike trails are in Liptov, and all the pleasant hike trails are to be found just outside our resort. The educational trail in Prosiecka valley, the view tower on Ostredk, or the educational trail in Demänovská valley – what would you choose first? Come here for a summer family vacation and discover all the natural beauties of the Liptov region.

Attractions in Liptov

Experience the culture, nature, and history as well. You can take a trip to Vlkolínec or Pribilina, have a calm walk through Demänovská or Jánska valley, or try bobsled track in Pavčina Lehota. During rainy days take your kids to Stanišovká cave, Demänovská ice cave, or Demänovská cave of freedom, try some of the nearby large aquaparks or have fun on go-karts in Závažná Poruba.