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Apartment Lux

Specifics of the apartment

Spacious, three-bedroom apartment LUX is ideal for larger families. In each apartment LUX, the small entrance will lead you to the spacious living room, where you will find a sofa, a widescreen cable TV, and a small kitchenette. Next to the kitchen corner is the bathroom with a toilet. The biggest perk of this apartment is terrace with a beautiful view of the surrounding Low Tatra mountains and Demänovska valley nature.

Next to the entrance to the balcony are the stairs, which will lead you to the second floor. You will find there two spacious bedrooms with large double beds, stylish cabinets, and smaller work tables suitable for work, writing, or drawing. Complete comfort is ensured by the smaller restroom with a lavatory on the second level.

Capacity and furnishing

Duplex apartment
2 impassable room and living room
4 fixed beds, 2 extra beds (sofa)
Living room with kitchenette
1 bathroom (1 toilet, 1 shower) and 1 stand-alone restroom
Terrace with a view
Cable TV and telephone
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