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Apartment Simply Lux

Specifics of the apartment

Three-room apartment  SIMPLY LUX is a one-story version of the apartment LUX. Walking upstairs is not necessary in this apartment, so it is an ideal choice for families with little kids or with elderly family members. Provides a cozy accommodation for up to 6 people.

The perk of SIMPLY LUX apartment is an extra spacious living room connected with the fully equipped kitchen decorated in the renovated minimalist design. Except for the dining table with chairs, you can sit on the comfortable sofa during the day, and it can be easily expanded to two extra beds in the evening.

Privacy provides two separate bedrooms with high-quality double beds where you will sleep well. You will find small work tables in the bedrooms, which can be utilized for work, writing, or drawing. The bathroom with a shower and WC is next to the kitchen corner. The cherry on top is a private terrace with a stunning view of the surrounding Low Tatra mountains and the nature of Demänova Valley.

Capacity and furnishing

One-storey apartment
2 impassable rooms and living room
4 fixed beds, 2 extra beds (sofa)
Living room with kitchen
1 bathroom (1 WC, 1 shower)
Private terrace with a view
Cable TV and phone
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