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Apartment Standard

Specifics of the apartment

Apartment STANDARD is ideal for a family of four, a small group of friends, or two couples in love. We have everything you need ready for you. Storage space for coats, jackets, and sweatshirts is located next to the front door.

You can imaginarily divide the living room into two smaller parts – a living room and a small kitchen with a table for four people. Within the living room, you will find a large, comfortable couch that can be expanded to a double bed, along with a small table and cable TV. In the bedroom, you will find a large, double bed and other storage space. In addition to the bed and built-in wardrobes, there is also an entrance to the balcony, which lines the entire side of the apartment and is directly created for evening sitting or playing games.

Capacity and furnishing

One-storey apartment
1 impassable room and living room
2 fixed beds and 2 extra beds (sofa)
Living room with kitchen
1 bathroom with shower and toilet
Private terrace with a view
Cable TV and telephone
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