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Children’s Olympics in Resort

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The Olympics have already taken place, thank you all for participating!

On the occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we at Demänová Resort will also make our own playful mini-Olympics!
We invite all children from 3 years and their parents to us, the first year is special only for guests.
They are waiting for you:
  • competition disciplines at 9 locations
  • fun mascots and animators during the competition
  • rewards for the most skilful competitors

You can see the photos on FACEBOOK HERE


Schedule and sports

Registration starts - 9:30 Registration end - 13:00 Olympics start - 10:00 End of the Olympics - 15:00 Evaluation - 17:00

In what disciplines will your children compete?

1. mini spartan race 2. shooting 3. bungee running 4th hockey slalom 5. curling 6. fold the stamp 7. funny beans 8. 3D maze 9. Spider web

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