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SIT DOWN with Veronica

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Talkshow: Sit Down with Veronika in Demänová Resort for 27. may

An evening full of interesting conversations on even more interesting topics with famous guests. We bring you a unique talk show by Veronika Ciferová Ostrihoňová - Sit down with Veronika.

May 27 at 18:00 with us at Demänová Resort

In Rezorte pod Tatrami, in the new congress room, we welcome great guests - well-known Slovak singer, composer, multiple Golden Nightingale and illustrator Zuzka Smatanová and television editor Markíza Jan Tribul, with whom we all at Demänová Resort have at least a love of the mountains. It will be a great evening!  

For a perfect evening, only the perfect food is missing

After a pleasant dinner, we cordially invite you to our novelty-smelling Indian restaurant to taste the original dishes of Indian cuisine. The chef will personally introduce you to all the specialties that we will serve you that evening. The tasting menu will also include a typical Indian drink - Laasi.

Tasting menu Indian Assorted Thali - 10 €

You can order the original Thali, which is ideal for tasting the varied and full flavors of Indian cuisine, for a discounted price of € 10. Tasting Thali includes chicken, potatoes, lentil-legume dhal, rice, salad with cottage cheese, Indian naan bread and a sweet dessert.