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TOP 5 ski resorts and areas that you have from Demänová resort almost to jump

TOP 5 ski resorts and areas that you have from Demänová resort almost to jump

Thanks to its location in the heart of the Slovak mountains, this relaxation resort provides not only a great place to relax or beautiful views, there are also many options available in its vicinity, which will be welcomed by ski or snowboard enthusiasts.

The great location of the resort will not only ensure a quality sports experience, but also you will not travel for too long. Here are 5 great places to enjoy the winter.

Ski Jasná Chopok

One of the best resorts, which provides the best natural conditions for downhill skiing, is located from Demänová resort only 13 minutes by car. You have the opportunity to use the longest slopes with a total length of 45 km, while they start at an altitude of 2004 m.n.m. The ski slopes are situated directly in the Demänovská valley on the Chopok hill. If you get tired of skiing, the area also offers a number of cross-country ski trails or the opportunity to try skifox, snowbike, snowscoot and much more.

Ski center Zapač Liptovská Porúbka

Another great tip is the picturesque resort of Zapač. It is especially great for families and groups of friends. It is located at the northern top of the Zapač hill and you start skiing at 980 m above sea level. For your comfort, there will be three lifts, three ski slopes and also 2 km of cross-country trails. We definitely recommend it to lovers of views, because right here you will see a beautiful view of the Western Tatras and also the highest peaks of the Central Tatras. From Demänová the resort is a pleasant 16 minutes by car.

Ski resort Ski Tále

In the well-known Ski Tále you will find everything – quality trails, for demanding skiers, easier tracks for average skiers to tracks suitable for beginners. Everyone will be happy here. Up to 6 lifts will take you to the piste. In addition to night skiing, which is a great experience and is available on Fridays and Saturdays, you can try snow tubing – that is, riding inflatable bikes, and of course cross-country skiing. From Demänová, you can reach it by car in 54 minutes.

Ski center Čertovica

From Demänová rezorut you can reach this nice resort in 34 minutes by car. The ski slopes are located directly in the Low Tatras National Park. There are 5 lifts and 6 slopes with a length of 12 km. Lovers of cross-country trails will also enjoy themselves. They can use one 5-kilometer recreational cross-country ski run as well as hiking cross-country ski runs. This resort is located in the village of Vyšná Boca, which is typical for its folk architecture. In addition to winter sports, you can also enjoy a piece of history.

Ski center Mýto pod Ďumbierom

This center will also please even demanding skiers requiring a little adrenaline, but also children and beginner skiers. It reaches the top of the ski slope with a new four-seater cable car and also with three lifts. The ski slopes are 2.5 km away and are regularly maintained, using modern facilities. The ski center is located 47 minutes from Demänová resort.
As you can see, Demänová resort, in addition to its quality state-of-the-art accommodation facilities, great restaurants and kids zone, also offers a number of activities in its vicinity. Come and enjoy them from the beautiful surroundings of the Demänová resort.